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Get an instant SMTP created for your email sending application or an email address. Inboxing is already been the most important part while sending emails. You always need to make sure if your email was gone to the recipient´s inbox and not spam/junk folder. Just get your SMTP approved and start inboxing your emails.

Key features

Direct approach to recipient´s inbox

Email which does not hit the inbox is like a letter you send through postman‚ who put it on the trashcan rather hitting the mailbox outside the door of recipient.

Instant delivery and detailed reporting

So you want an express way to send emails‚ you are at right place. Where SMTP server acts like a postman running towards the target mailbox

Track Each Email:

TheSMTP provides assistance and services to track each email you have in your list and ready to take part in Email Marketing Campaign.

Domain­Keys Configured:

Various things are required when you are expecting your sending email to produce rewarding results, Domain Key is essential in email authentication.

DK Sign‚ DK Identity and DKIM:

If you desire your email to show results in Hotmail‚ Gmail‚ Yahoo‚ AOL etc you need proper configuration which includes setting up protocols‚ Authentications and Hash Values etc.

Sender Policy Framework and Sender ID:

TheSMTP configuration is set to qualify SPF records‚ MX records and proper DNS setting‚ the sender address forgery is not only harmful for users but also for us.

White Labeling Service:

All above and remaining configurations to mark you as white labeled in Major ISP.


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