Black Friday, perhaps the biggest shopping day is around the corner and from buyers to seller, everyone out there is planning to make most of it. America that made the first move towards this idea, is expecting to attract over 135 Million consumers to shop over the Holiday Shopping Season. Subsequent to Thanksgiving, stores are prepared for Black Friday.

But beyond the borders of America, this Black Friday shopping frenzy has become a globally celebrated event. Businesses across the globe offer lowest price deals for the consumers to shop online or hit the store. Every time the shopping event approaches, marketers too have to devise strategies to boost the revenue, and email plays in important role in overall digital marketing strategy. Use the email channel effectively for Black Friday promotions, here are three question suggestions.

Subject Line Matters

For every email campaign, subject line remains the focal point. It helps increasing revenue by making it sure that more and more recipients open the email they have received. Before you get nearer to the Holiday Shopping Season, it’s better to try discovering some captivating subject lines. Subject line that well serves the purpose of the content as well as provokes the recipient’s curiosity to open. You can use A/B tests to optimize the subject lines for every email campaign that you send. Be aware of the fact that you aren’t the only one targeting the recipient’s inbox; the inboxes are already flooded with Holiday Season Sales and Black Friday Promotions. Keeping on experimenting with different variants is your key to success.

Make Use of Dynamic Content 

You don’t have the room to miss your chance; poorly targeted, irrelevant content will certainly miss the target. Try exploring some options that would only promote the product the recipient is interested in, by segmenting the recipients in real time. Dynamic Content within theSMTP can help.  It offers number of options to setup custom criteria and create entirely separate content for specific number of customers. . E.g. male recipients would only see the products of their interest, and females will see the products they like.

Mobile Optimization is Important 

Mobile devices are something that no longer can be overlooked when devising email marketing strategy. A significant amount of consumers open the emails on their mobile devices. As the Holiday Shopping Season is approaching near and everyone out there is sending promotional emails, even more consumers tend to open the emails on their mobile devices to quickly learn about every good offer. If the subject line fails to serve the purpose of the email, or doesn’t properly appear on the recipient’s mobile device, it is likely to be rejected as a missed opportunity to engage the customer.

Standard size of email subject line proposes a challenge to the senders. Some devices show 35-38 characters while others reveal only 25-30 characters. Therefore the brevity of the subject line should be considered. Not only this, you have to keep the copy of your email as concise and targeted as you can. As most openers on the mobile devices are multitasking, before the attention shifts to another task, you will have to grab your chance.

That said, the competition for Black Friday is fierce, and to keep your head above water, you need continuous experimenting, as you aren’t the only one striving to hit the recipients inbox.