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A well approved technique to experiment multiple versions of your campaign for optimum results.

Tip! Experimenting with different subject lines, sending time and content matter would help driving more opens/clicks to your side.
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By means of using comprehensive testing criteria, split test ensures that every lead converts, every sale translates into up-sale and cross-sale. With theSMTP split testing tool, you can test different variants of a single campaign, or couple of campaigns to conclude with best performing campaign, in terms of open or click rates. You can setup test for the whole list, or just with the parts of the list to test which campaign performs better, it also has the ability to test and then automatically initiate sending of the winning campaign to the rest of the list []

A/B test offers great help to determine some key aspects, like which subject line suits the best, what days of week time of day can boost open rates and such other decisive factors. It has never been too convenient to experiment with your email campaigns in laboratory settings. Research reveals that being timely is as important to encourage more open rates as is being relevant.  Saved split tests can be scheduled for the convenient time, multiplicity of selections and number of customized sending patterns can be used like the general email campaign []

Why theSMTP

  • Experiment with multiple variants of your campaign.
  • Discover which variant brings most open rates.
  • Determine better performing variant in terms of click rates.
  • Easily split the selected list(s) for testing.
  • Automatically send better performing version to remaining contacts after testing.