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Campaign summary, with detailed stats that include geographical location of opens and clicks.

Tip! Delve deeper inside the statistical tables and graphs of your sent campaigns, reevaluate your strategy and keep on improving.
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No more confused centralized navigation to view all of type of campaigns at one page. From email campaign to A/B testing, and from Autoresponders to Trigger based actions, theSMTP has organized separate pages for each type, comprising off detailed tables, campaign summary, pie charts and advanced view. Descriptive paths offer great help to browse through only the required type of campaign to view, filter, analyze closely and evaluate properly[]

Statistics table offers detailed accounting logs, time of scheduling, number of contacts for which the email was scheduled, number of email successfully sent, how many of the contacts have opened, clicked, unsubscribed or bounced back? Along with the geographical location of email opens and clicks. All stats table are supported by corresponding filters to separate out clicks for particular country, bounced with particular bounce code and other valued options[]

Why theSMTP

  • Separately maintains stats of each type of campaign (Autoresponders etc.)
  • In-depth analysis of advanced stats with precise campaign summary.
  • Accurate categorization of bounced/ non-delivery reports.
  • Domain breakup table and pie chart.
  • Geo location of opens, clicks etc.