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Looking for an express way to send emails? theSMTP offers most suitable platform.

Tip! Keep your list clean from bounced and invalid emails, make use of segmentation effectively, or simply add to suppression list..
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theSMTP offers you the ability to handle email list of any size. It enables to create unlimited number of email contact lists, configure them separately, edit or delete desired lists from your account and much more. It also enables to create and hold multiple contact lists within one list group for improved classification of available lists. You can create custom fields and can attach them with the desired lists to store additional contact information like “Gender”, “Age” etc. And an easy to setup separately managed suppression list, for Contacts, Domains and for IPs []

No matter how big the subscriber volume is? theSMTP has reduced the labor of managing large volumes of contacts, by optimizing the MySQL to improve the record import speed to a significant extent. Besides the express fast import, contacts can be added to the list one by one manually by providing the relevant details. Extensive list of filters can be applied, to search and separate out certain number of contacts from the selected list(s), to export .CSV of the filtered contacts or move to another list, or even bulk delete the filtered records (Hard Bounced etc.) []

Why theSMTP

  • Manage each list separately within your account.
  • Suppression for managing don’t send to emails, domains and IPs.
  • Keep your list clean by verifying the validity of contact’s email.
  • Add subscribers manually or import in bulk.
  • Create more targeted segments of your list and export.