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Use theSMTP to identify peculiarities of your recipients and to create dynamically driven content

Tip! Personalize the subject line of your email to improve the open rates, and personalize email message to ensure better click rates.
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You don’t need to be a tech savvy to add personalized tags in your email content, theSMTP does it automatically even for non-technical users. It offers the ability to communicate with your subscribers with more personalized approach, from simple name variables for (first, last) personalization of email content or subject line to personalized message using custom field details (Gender etc.), everything is easily implementable. All the options are attached with campaign content editor, and can conveniently be inserted into the subject line field and content area []

Besides these primary options to personalize the content using variables, theSMTP presents dynamically driven tags to create partially or completely unique content units, for particular number of contacts that meet the conditions predefined into the tag. A unique content unit can be setup for the subscribers who speak particular regional language, belong to specific profession, fall in particular age group of gender category, and list of several other options to define the condition for the tag. So it takes you one step ahead of just using field data to personalize []

Why theSMTP

  • Personalize subject line and message content using recipient’s name
  • Use custom field variables like using the Gender Information, Profession etc.
  • Create dynamically driven content for subscribers with certain peculiarities.
  • Event based triggers for more advanced personalization (On Clicking, Opening).
  • Create and schedule personalized campaign for particular segment of the list.