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3 Quick Suggestions for Black Friday Emails

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Black Friday, perhaps the biggest shopping day is around the corner and from buyers to seller, everyone out there is planning to make most of it. America that made the first move towards this idea, is expecting to attract over 135 Million consumers to shop over the Holiday Shopping Season. Subsequent to Thanksgiving, stores are [...]

What is eblast? Is it different from email marketing?

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When the two words email and blast combined together, it constitutes eblast. As a term eblast isn’t different from email blast, therefore, the question “”what is eblast”” isn’t different than what the email blast is? So whether it is eblast or an email blast, both generally denote when you blast email message to a huge volume [...]

Explore the Potential of Demographic & Geographic Segments

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          Market segmentation is well known marketing term used to define a process of breaking up large unclassified market into smaller targeted and identifiable segments. The subsets can be identified by geographical location, demographic factors, similar needs and several other targeted subdivisions. Same logic works behind the email marketing segmentation strategy, [...]