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Attach a domain name of your own and conveniently implement corresponding DNS records.

Tip! Always consider implementing email authentications as it decreases risk of being ended up as spam or blocked.
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theSMTP is well configured with necessary authentications  to deliver best results. Client account is powered with couple of options, to either send using theSMTP basic sending domain, or white label the account with client’s own domain. theSMTP primary sending domain is setup with required authentications prerequisite for email delivery, emergency arrangements have also been made for failures, such as DKIM Fallback that decreases the possibilities of being blocked due to the DKIM Failure, by offering an alternative for failed DKIM or unmatched DKIM keys[]

Clients who want to keep their brand identity intact and select the option to send from the domain of their own, are recognized as white label senders. A step by step, well knitted wizard assists the process of attaching your own domain, configuring CNAME, automatically generating private key of the DKIM keys pair, and creating DNS value of the SPF for authorized sending.  Successfully completing the process and validating the email authentications ensure compliance, good sending reputation and eventually fewer chances of getting blocked by the filters []

Why theSMTP

  • Attach a sending domain of your own choice.
  • Step by step process of creating DNS records and Email Authentications.
  • Automatically verifies implemented DNS records and Authentications.
  • Arrangement of DKIM Fallback to deal with primary DKIM failures.
  • Ensure maximum security and optimum delivery rates.