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For the small to medium companies with subscription list of less than 500 subscribers, there is no need to pay for the service. The free package is limited to 12,000 emails a month cap for transactional emailing and no credit card is required to start with. Select from the packages below if your requirement doesn’t meet the free package standards.

Get instant access to the platform right after the purchase and start setting up your campaigns.

Free Package


Plans According To Number of Email Credits Per Month


  • 10,000 Email Credits


  • 100,000 Email Credits


  • 500,000 Email Credits


  • Unlimited Email Credits

Plans According To Number of Subscribers


  • 1 – 500 Subscribers


  • 501 – 2500 Subscribers


  • 2501 – 5000 Subscribers


  • 5000+ Subscribers

All plans include additional benefits and features. Click on the toggle below to expand the feature chart.

Plans and Pricing

Monthly email credits 10,000 100,000 500,000 Unlimited
Price (monthly) $9.99 $69.99 $299.99 Contact Sales
Price per additional email credit $0.001 $0.0008 $0.0007 Contact Sales

Management Options

Subscription list management
Suppression management
Custom fields management
Email campaign management
Email campaign scheduling
and delayed scheduling
User management
Subuser management
User-level privileges
Email campaign builder

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Open/click/relayed tracking
Real-time stats
Unsubscribe reporting
Complaints reporting
Bounce reporting
A/B stats
Graphical reporting
Split tests Reporting
Custom filters

Campaign Features

Hundreds of pre-built HTML responsive email templates
Easy to use drag & drop HTML email template builder
Attach files/documents to your email
Advaced wysiwyg editor
Delayed scheduling
Multiple campaign scheduling
Split tests
Image/File Manager
Custom filters for campaign scheduling

Marketing Automation

Move/copy/remove/suppress an email upon an action
Auto send an email upon meeting a criteria (trigger action)
Create a trigger on varied criteria
Setup multiple rules on a trigger
Trigger an autoresponder upon an action
Autoresponders grouping in a series
Setup multiple rules for autoresponders
Bounce handling

Reputation Management

Spam complaints processing
Feedback loops reporting
Spam monitoring
Spam score checker
Blacklist monitoring

Product Features

Dynamic content tags
Custom variables/fields
HTML forms for website
Multiple sender-ids
Multiple SMTP accounts
Whitelabel tracking links
Domain Keys, DKIM, SPF setup
Create custom email templates
Import subscibers from a file
Export subscribers to a file
Subscription lists grouping
Bulk subscribers update
Pause/resume an email campaign

Integrations & third party solutions

theSMTP web API
List management API
Mandrill integration
Adknowledge integration

Dedicated Features

Dedicated IP address availability
Dedicated IP warmup
Reputation monitoring and maintenance
Dedicated support manager availability
Dedicated advisor for email campaigns availability

Our support staff will never leave you alone!

Our support team is always eager to help you and will never let you compromise with anything. Our clients are our family so let’s be a part of our family.

I have been using theSMTP since 3 years now and I am very much satisfied with the deliverability. I don’t believe if any of my email got bounced for reputation reason till yet. The reporting is very advanced and I may not ever think to switch from theSMTP networks.
Ken McCarthy, PSTIE

Frequently Asked Questions

Your free plan includes all the features except the few which are showing red cross in comparison table.
No there is no hidden cost and neither you’ll need to pay any setup fee.
Our helpdesk is 24/7 and you can submit ticket at any time for the fastest resolution.
Yes you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time.
We support paypal, credit card and bank transfer.
You are not in any contract with theSMTP and can cancel your plan at any time.

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