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Looking for advanced and more detailed options to segment your list?

Tip! For improvement in open/ click rates, make use of segmentation effectively and guarantee better email engagement and more conversion.
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Segmentation of the subscriber data in email list(s) makes it possible for the sender to send the content that the recipient wishes to receive. You don’t need to be an email Guru, theSMTP has made it easier for simple users to implement the email list segmentation strategy and achieve the best results. Select one or multiple lists, initiate search to filter the results and separate out records based on search filter. The segments would be having contacts application has separated out in result of filtered search, i.e. unsubscribed, hard bounced, software bounce, both hard and soft bounced etc.[]

With theSMTP, options to segment your records are numerous. From the basic segmentation options to create segment of opens/ unopened or click/unclicked, you have the ability to go advance and apply filter to categorize segments based on browser type, operating system used by opener/clicker, precise location including country, region, city, and zip. You moreover can create combination to apply on available custom data fields and create more targeted segments, i.e. new segment of the contacts having “Male” in “Gender” field []

Why theSMTP

  • Segment unsubscribed and hard bounced emails to ensure list hygiene.
  • Separate out emails by their domain name (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.)
  • Segment by operating system (Mobile User Segmentation) and browser type.
  • Detailed geographical segmentation of openers and clickers
  • Create combinations to apply filters on custom fields (First Name, Last Name etc.)