As clear from the name, theSMTP offers its clients services of sending bulk email messages using its platform.  When we say bulk emails, it does exclude all possibilities of sending unsolicited bulk emails, or sending without the permission of recipient.  We offer our services for lawful purposes only, compliant with spam act. Using theSMTP system for spamming and sending unsolicited email messages is strictly prohibited. theSMTP reserves the right to discontinue, suspend or restrict the services upon violation the rules set forth.

Using theSMTP system for transmitting or sending of the data that contains inappropriate content or links that includes but not limited to pornographic material, naked Pictures, unlawful, blasphemous and threatening material in any form text, images, videos, audio or links is prohibited.

Sending or transmitting of data that infringes someone others rights included pirated and copyright work in any sense isn’t allowed using theSMTP system. Promotion or Sale of these pirated products is also forbidden.

Sending or transmitting of data that contains virus Software, codes, Files,  links that have ability to harm and can cause damage to any person, website or software is also prohibited.

Sending or transmitting data which contains promotional material for gambling or money making isn’t allowed.

Using your account for importing and sending to purchased leads in any form is forbidden that includes co-registration leads as well.

You agree that you are sole responsible figure behind the data you will send in the form of images, audio, video, link or any other form of content. We shall assume you as rightful owner and the author of the content and all responsibility of transmitted content shall rest with you. Thus, you declare that you are owner or having required authorization to use the content of behalf of the owner of the content, in accordance with the terms of our services.

theSMTP has set in an automated system that actively screens every email relays from its email stream, to monitor and detect spam. Anti-Spam department reserves the right to suspend or deactivate any account violating the rules of data transmission or have the account for sending spam, without having the need of giving prior notice of suspension.

theSMTP is committed to provide best quality services at current prices/ packages listed on our website,  in accordance with terms to use our service. theSMTP shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of our services, including loss of business profits, loss of data or any other potential damages.

All material including images, text, audio and video content and the data of any form on the website is exclusive property of TheSMTP. The layout and the trademark exhibited on the website along with the material is copyright protected. Without the consent of TheSMTP in black and white, reproduction or distribution of the data at any other website or web environment is prohibited and a violation of copyright laws.

You agree to pay the package invoice before TheSMTP activate your account. Delay in applicable fees for the renewal, activation of package or in case credit card returned with the insufficient funds, theSMTP reserves the right to cease the account. We notify each client before the quota and duration come to an end to renew the existing package, If client fails to pay the renewal amount, theSMTP shall cease the account until the client pays applicable package fees with 20% due fine on the package fee to reactivate the account. If the credit card is linked with your account for recurrent payments, you give theSMTP the right to charge the credit card when the invoice is due.

If you choose theSMTP for the services we provide through, you need to provide us personal and identifiable information mentioned in the registration form you fill. You agree to provide accurate and true information such as accurate and current email address, name etc.   Same policy of providing true, current and all correct payment information applies to all customers, providing untrue, incorrect information can result termination of one or complete services. If theSMTP comes across any fraudulent activity or suspects something incorrect, false or incomplete, we have right to suspend or cancel existing services or future use of our services.


TheSMTP reserves every right to revise and modify any or all terms of services described above, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of using our services before placning an order. As placing an order indicates your acceptance to these Terms of using our Services.

Also read theSMTP Privacy Policy