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Some of the most powerful automation tools to actively engage your subscribers

Tip! Follow-up individually with every single subscriber is somewhat difficult task, unless you have powerful automation tools like Autoresponders.
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Email workflow automation is the key to increase subscriber’s engagement.  You have been offered with an ability to setup multiple types of events to trigger certain actions. The events that you can attach can be triggered on opening of the email, clicking of the link, when specified calendar date approaches, when contact chooses to unsubscribe and number of other valued options. The triggers can effectively be used to send anniversary emails, move/copy certain contacts to another list, or automatically remove or suppress others like hard bounced etc.[]

Autoresponders are prewritten email or series of emails, set to send subscribers who meet the predefined criteria to receive autoresponder email. It can be a prewritten welcome email to greet new subscriber in your list, follow up email to the subscriber after specific time period, a confirmation email to confirm order, email or unsubscribed request etc. Make use of default variables, subject line personalization, spin tags and custom field variables to add value. View detailed stats to know how previously setup autoresponder has performed?[]

Why theSMTP

  • Let Autoresponders send the follow-up emails for you.
  • Setup series of automated emails using the Autoresponders.
  • Setup criteria for contacts to qualify for Autoresponders.
  • Automated and multi optional event based triggers.
  • Setup automated birthday or anniversary emails using triggers.