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Multiplicity of options help setting up customized sending patterns to ensure better delivery

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Your recipient’s inbox is more fortified with the technological advancement of email industry and interface changes by ISPs.  Merely sending isn’t enough, sending to maximize the results is desirable. With theSMTP, sending options are numerous, where multiplicity of selections helps customizing the sending pattern. Multiple campaigns can be sent to the contacts of multiple selected lists following the cyclic rotation, keeping the connection persistent for complete batch or closing for every recipient in a loop environment []

Centralized campaign management helps selecting the desired type of campaign between Custom and Split Test, with a choice to select to send to the contacts within list(s) or segments directly. If you want to avoid the step by step processing of scheduling, you can use the option to schedule multiple campaigns on one page and in one go, by selecting appropriate option, with one or separate schedule labels. You have the option to initiate the sending with immediate effect or schedule your campaign to set off on the later time and date of your choice[]

Why theSMTP

  • Step by step well knitted process of scheduling the campaign.
  • Choice to schedule campaign for list(s) as well as for segment(s) only.
  • Schedule only for the opens or clicks within selected list(s).
  • Easy to schedule for the date and time of your choosing.
  • Ability to select the sender information batch of your choice.